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Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Cheapo Mobile Mount

I picked up a 'T' bracket from Home Depot and a cheap plastic basket in the stationary department of WalMart. A couple of zip-ties completes the parts list.

I bent the 'T' bracket to fit inside the basket and secured it with several zip ties.

I measured to make sure the radio had enough clearance to the rear and then drilled one hole for the single bolt. This allows me to swivel the radio left and right so even the passenger can use it.

Finally I secured thee whole contraption to the truck using a small bungee cord through the basket and hooked into the heater vents. This makes for quick removal and re-installation when needed.

This is the driver's side view of the final result. It works just great and the basket holds a lot of extra stuff like the cell phone.

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