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Friday, January 14, 2011

in canada today

heres the cat gang....waiting to go on the hunt.

looking west over ok falls towards keremeos b.c

stay outta the snow bank,itll hog ya in....

well on a beautiful friday morning i decided to take the atv for a trip up east of ok falls to see what the snow level is like.
on the way to my destination i came across some bighorn sheep licking salt and grazing. took these out the truck window.

as i got the atv unloaded and headed east ,i came up 4200ft,and got into about 12in snow.more up higher,but the atv works too hard in that,so i stayed lower. the sun dissapeared,began to drizzle,but i was able to see lots of deer tracks,coyote,bobcat,and a old moose track. heres a few pics of the ride...............till nextime..
mr brent

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Look forward to the Spring Luke WoodRat, look forward to the Spring. This weather ain't going to last forever, and what is coming up is "February," thats the WOODRAT FLY TYING MONTH, or at least it should be a national recognition month for "GET READY FOR FISHING," which should be a couple or more months after.

Get your gear ready folks, lots to get done during these long and dismal days, and soon the equonox will be slapping us in the face and everything should be ready to go. Wheather its build new antenna's, go camping, fishing, poaching chickens, shooting coyote's, groveling for mushrooms, or hunting Polar bear at the Branding Iron Saloon, its time to get working on those things we'll need in yon coming time of this'uns year. To new endeavors, and "nobody walks in my moccosins," "The Road More Crisscrossed" and on infinitum to walk where no Wood Rat Has Gone Before. And remember ye'old saying, "If You're Not Living On the Edge, You're Taking Up Too Much Room, " ha ha. Well, sorta. Spring is coming and it will be here before we know it, Get Ready.

WoodRat 3

Monday, January 3, 2011

Holidays in Wauconda

We had a nice Christmas Season in Wauconda. The kids came home in shifts and Stoli the Ham Dog got to spend quality time with his Mama, our daughter Lora, who took these photos.  This is a view of our front yard looking toward the northwest.

Lora and Stoli climbed one of the hills behind the house to take this next shot looking to the southwest.  Our house is just down behind the edge of the hill seen in the lower right hand corner.  Maybe I should put an antenna up here?

Here's a photo of my best buddy, my Grand Dog "Stoli" playing out in the snow.

Here is Stoli and our daughter Lora.  He looks like he's think'n... "C'mon, Ma!  Don't hug me in front of the guys."