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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Good idea on receipies, er recipees, er, formula's for edible material to put in your body IF you are hungry enough.

Am still trying to figure out how to post pictures.

Its going to be a long Winter, so time to make a list of all the fishing gear and hunting junk, and outdoor equipment, and yard tool fixing and etcetera to repair, clean, and alter, during such time. With the encroaching holiday season, people are pretty occupied it seems. But then the month of January hits us and"WHAMMO"" there we are shrouded with over 16 hours of dark, and if its cloudy which tiz a lot, more than that. Hobbies help prevent scurvy and cabin fever, the itches and strangleurcat'itus. Not to mention the sideways blowing snow/rain, howling banshee winds, tree limbs skudding past ur windows and bounching off the roofs, cougars sleeping in the wood sheds and bears trying to eat your garbage. Don't forget "Ham Radio" it can be an entertaining hobby too.

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  1. Looks like you're ready for Y2K (2010 home edition). Also looks like you're ready to stab someone with the knife...Glad I QSLed you when I did.