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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good Idea

I'll not put too much energy into this until I see how many WR's show up. I do think it would be interesting to see regular contributions from the WR's

(I'm using my pocket computer to write this.)


  1. I agree. But this would be a nice way to share photos, links, projects, etc. and other stuff of general WR interest.

  2. Trying to get password'ed and into this thing was akin to crawling through briar patch naked on a hot day.
    People on dial up should think twice about ever getting a computer. Always take two extra blankets for the sleeping bag when you go camping in October. Staying at home and hunting DX is a lot easier than hunting mushrooms in October in E.Wa. Except you'd starve to death trying to eat DX.
    I don't know if a Wood Rat Nest Blog will work. Never imagined myself as a Bloggeriski, exposing myself to the whole world. Isn't that akin to drifting around the globe naked suspended from a hang-glider? I'd never say anything on here that I wouldn't tell my cat. Be forwarned. WR-3

  3. thanks Jeff great idea!
    wood rat #10 Bob