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The Woodrat Show is usually on 3.840 MHz from about 8 AM til Noon, and then again around 3.985 MHz from about 7 PM on.

Enjoy CW, check 7.043 as Woodrats can often be found there...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Much Smoke

For last few days the smoke from wildfires across the region (Washington mostly) has settled into our little valley.   Although it is detracting from the beauty of the area, it is creating some  spectacular sunsets.   Last evening the sun was blood red at sunset.   Very striking, but pictures didn't turn out.

Bev and I went out for a short drive and noticed lots of deer out feeding in the hour before sunset.  We drove up the St. Maries River road and on the way back decided to take a count and between there and home we counted 32 deer in groups of two to six.   Mostly fawns and their mamas..  Got a few pictures and here are a couple..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reporting on  the latest keying device at the  W7WEL "Rat" station, a Touch operated set  of electronic paddles..
Touch Switch II kit
Q: How do they  work?
A:  Very well!  Seriously, the principle of operation is switches.   Just  like any mechanical switching setup such as a Bencher or Vibroplex set of paddles used to operate a keyer.  Instead of mechanical switches, the Touch Paddles contain two electronic switches activated by touching one of the two pads. (one for the dit input and one for the dah input  on your keyer) ..  Very smooth operation..

Now, for some more info.  The kit is available from Jackson Harbor Press..(Use the link above to gain access to the website)  This was an easy, inexpensive way to get on the Touch Paddle bandwagon!  Here's a picture of mine. As you can see (Click on the picture to enlarge) it is mounted in a Bud snap box and glued to a 4" square ceramic tile for stability.  (Although you don't need to apply pressure to the pads for it to operate.)

Also, there are other souces for finished paddles, just google "Touch Paddles" to find them. 

One of the most popular sites:
These folks have a nice line-up, surf the site and you'll discover some simple and affordable paddles.

W7WEL - WR #5

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

St. Joe River Animal

Just to spice up the blog, here's a photo I took up the St. Joe River.   There were several goats feeding on a north slope above Avery and this one turned out OK..  (They were several hundred yards from the lens (A 400 mm prime).)

Allen and Carol's Catch..

A fish story from last season.   The photo says it all. 

New Frequencies

Due to band conditions on 75 meters, Woodrats are now using 40 meters in the mornings and usually begin to show up as early as 9:00 AM on 7.180.

Also: Those Woodrats with a penchant for CW can be found throughout the day by tuning to 7.043.   Local propagation is usually good from about noon til 4 PM, or there-about.  (Until the band begins to stretch out.)

40 meters
SSB  7.180
CW    7.043

Wood Rat Fishing Contest

When in QSO with casual contacts, steer the conversation to fishing and subtly get the fellow to tell you what his biggest fish was, either in inches or pounds.  Record the information and include with your normal QSO logging information so you can track the fish catches through the year.  At the end of the year, you enter five of the largest fish recorded in two categories, Pounds and Inches.

Note: Big fish reported by fellow Woodrats are not eligible because their stories are usually doubtful and laden with prevarication.

To summerize;
1.  Track fish size either in inches or pounds.   Only one from each QSO.
2.  At the end of the year enter the total weight of the five largest and enter the total length of the five longest.

So, there are two categories and you can submit to either or both.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome.