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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Several years ago KD1JV began posting radio designs on the internet.  They were so ingenious that many folks building them encouraged Steve (KD1JV) to put together limited run kits.  Many clubs with volunteers do that but for one person to handle a project like that, wow! It takes a lot of energy.  (And a few mistakes in the kitting process.)  So, Steve has put out a few kits over the years, but the most successful were the ATS series of kits.

The name ATS comes from his quest for a lightweight portable QRP rig to take with him on his annual hiking trips on the Appalacian Trail.

In 2005 I succumbed to the enchantment of the ATS and ordered the third update, hence the ATSIII.  (There was also an ATSIV A and B versions following.)

So here are a few photos showing my ATSIII that I used this morning, running 3 watts on 3840 to make a solid showing between N7HMM, WB7NZI, and KF7JGA.

Bill - W7WEL WR5  (Click on the image for a full size view.)

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