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The Woodrat Show is usually on 3.840 MHz from about 8 AM til Noon, and then again around 3.985 MHz from about 7 PM on.

Enjoy CW, check 7.043 as Woodrats can often be found there...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Figure it Out Guys!

Not too difficult.. just sign in using your gmail email address and your password.  Then click on "New Post," enter the Title, tab forward and begin writing your message. 

To add a photo, click on the icon of the photo (just left of the word "Link") and then  click on "Browse" to browse your computer for the photo you want to add.  (I usually move my photo or photos to the desktop before beginning the blog post.)  Once you have the photo located, just click "Open" and that will move it to you posting.

Now all you have to do is click on the "Publish Post" (Orange button, bottom left) and whiz-bang... ya gotter done!  (just like settin' the hook, or trippin' the trap!)

WR 5

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