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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


"A FISHING WE WILL GO, A FISHING WE WILL GO." Just a reminder to ya'all, February is coming up, and you all know what that is don't you? "ITS FLY TYING MONTH." Its the preseason to the preseason, time to create. Go through and spiffy up all that fishing and outdoor gear that has been catapulted in a corner or closet for the off season. Grease up the reels, clean the lines, oil up the guns, er, whatever you use in the outdoors, to catch fish or hey, keep the dupont spinners in a dry box in the house and rotate the sticks every so often.

Just think, with this snow everyone is enjoying so much, Spring is right around the corner, and all that comes with it. Gardens, plants, spiffy up the old git'mobile, draw lines on roadmaps with X spots, and don't even think of the torrid lawns to mow and stuff, thats work, concentrate on the fun things, even the new wire or whatever antenna's you going to erect and chicken houses with Ham Radio's in them ala auto tuners. Fun things. With all the darkness and cave dwellings we have to suffer through this hibernation period for the coming days till the equonox slaps us in the face, keep ur face into the wind and mind on the days to come. Don't be one of them "woulda, coulda, shoulda's" that after you get to the fishing hole forget to put the line on your reel or can't find a spatula to flip the Possum burger. Don't want to hear that jumble, as ye'gots de whole Vinter to gadder'em up fer yuz firzd mizzion to da udder wurld. THE GREAT OUTDOORS OF WOODRAT'DOM.

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