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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mr. Frank's "Scarecoon" And a scared coon!

Frank and I are trying to figure out how to post pictures on the Blog..

Click on the photo to enlarge....
When writing text into a New Post you will see a small Icon just to the right of the word "Link"  which is underlined and located on the top edge of the text box.  That icon looks like a miniature picture and when you place your curser on it a drop down will say, "Insert Image."  Clicking on that Icon will bring up a "Add Images" box.  Click on the "Browse" button, find you picture file, click on it and it will be shown in the "Add Images" box.   Choose more files if you want more than one picture.  As pictures are added to this box they have a blue outline around them, meaning that they are "Selected."   To de-select, put your curser on the photo and click once.  The blue outline will disappear when de-selected.  Click it again, and the blue box will appear again, indicating that it is once again "Selected"

Click on the "Add Selected"  to upload.

I have just completed the process outlined above.  Now I will click on "Publish Post." 

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