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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Road Home

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We had a wonderful time at the Woodrat Rendezvous near Moses Lake. Then we decided to take another route home. This road took us north past the Sun Lakes area.  This is the view looking north at Blue Lake... I think???

This is another view looking south at Sun Lakes Resort on the north end of the same lake.

A little further north and you can visit Dry Falls. This huge bowl was formed a long time ago when the ice age glaciers moved down and blocked the mighty Columbia River, causing it to divert through this area and create a huge waterfall much larger than the more famous and present day Niagra Falls. When the glacier retreated, the river resumed its natural course and left these falls high and dry.

Here is where we took the new route home and followed Banks Lake...

North toward the Grand Coulee Dam.

We crossed the bridge to the other side and discovered the place where old Amateur Radio Operators go to retire.

Then we stopped in Nespelem. WA on the Colville Reservation and paid our respects to Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce tribe before finally heading home.  What a great trip!

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