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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Woodrat Rendezvous 2011

Here are some photos of the Woodrat Rendezvous we held down at Mardon Resort near Moses Lake in June of 2011. Thanks must go to Carol for these photos.

Seen here are W7WEL and his missus on the left in the forground.  WB7NZI can be seen between them in the background.  AE7LI and KF7LGC in the back.  KA4DXP.  And on the right is KF7HQH and his missus.

Here we see AE7LI and W7WEL exchanging a few one liners.

W7WEL and KA4DXP are either looking for good deals on eBay or updating their Facbook pages for their BFFs.

WB7WFL and WB7NZI making plans to scare the other campers later that night.

Stoli the Ham Dog came along to pick up after the rest of us.  He kept us all on a short leash.

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