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Friday, April 22, 2011

Lake Roosevelt Drawdown

I know some of you have never seen Lake Roosevelt when they've let the water draw down to allow for expected spring runoff. So here are some views we photographed today on our trip over to Colville for supplies.  This first one is of the swimming area at Marcus Island Campground near Marcus Washington.  The original town of Marcus was submerged when they build Grand Coulee Dam back in the 1940s.

Click on the photos for an enlarged version.

These next two are near Kettle Falls, WA, near where the original Kettle Falls were before the falls themselves were also submerged.

This next shot is at Kettle Falls Campground. The Kettle River can be seen flowing toward the falls area, but this too is usually part of the lake.

This interpretive sign tells a part of the history of the area.  I hope you can read it.


  1. Nice pictures Jeff. I've never seen low water shots like these of Lake Roosevelt. Some of Idaho's reservoirs suffer in like fashion, leaving boat ramps unusable, etc.

    Thanks for postingl.

  2. and it will get worse. just on tuesday. the canadian govt put kettle river as most endagered river in bc.ive seen it have less water every year. water use from farmers,housing,etc are the main culprits. sad to see such a beautiful river and ecosystem go to hell again.