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Friday, April 22, 2011

The KA4DXP/7 Hi-Power Tuner Projet-Completed

UPDATE!!!  The Redneck Tuner has taken on a new appearance!  Here's Allen's comments:

The project was started with the need for a very efficient Balanced Line Tuner.  I have been gathering parts for several years now and when I thought I had enough I started the project but found I needed some more.  I put it out to several of my ham friends of my needs and they came through with what I needed.  I first built a proto type to make sure the design was sound.  I ran it in open frame for a while and then started putting it in a case.  The case is from an old Heathkit 301.  The controls are left to right, the small knob sets the amount of capacitance I have and the big knob tunes it to frequency.  The turns counter and handle sets the amount of inductance and the toggle switch on the right sets the impedance from high Z to low Z, it is run in high Z most of the time.  It will handle the full legal limit with no problem.  I will make changes in the future as I am still looking for a matched pair of nice roller inductors to replace the ones I have in there.
Thanks for looking,
Allen Romine
And the photos:

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