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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reporting on  the latest keying device at the  W7WEL "Rat" station, a Touch operated set  of electronic paddles..
Touch Switch II kit
Q: How do they  work?
A:  Very well!  Seriously, the principle of operation is switches.   Just  like any mechanical switching setup such as a Bencher or Vibroplex set of paddles used to operate a keyer.  Instead of mechanical switches, the Touch Paddles contain two electronic switches activated by touching one of the two pads. (one for the dit input and one for the dah input  on your keyer) ..  Very smooth operation..

Now, for some more info.  The kit is available from Jackson Harbor Press..(Use the link above to gain access to the website)  This was an easy, inexpensive way to get on the Touch Paddle bandwagon!  Here's a picture of mine. As you can see (Click on the picture to enlarge) it is mounted in a Bud snap box and glued to a 4" square ceramic tile for stability.  (Although you don't need to apply pressure to the pads for it to operate.)

Also, there are other souces for finished paddles, just google "Touch Paddles" to find them. 

One of the most popular sites:
These folks have a nice line-up, surf the site and you'll discover some simple and affordable paddles.

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