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Monday, February 14, 2011

My "Cootie" Or Sideswiper

Check this out for a whole bunch of SideSwiper Info

My new passion... operating CW mode with a homemade Sideswiper.  Years ago (1972 '73) I was operating in a shack away from the house.  I built a 6'X8' operating shack, kinda looked like an outdoor toilet.  It had an window opening, no window though, and a slab of plywood across the shed for a desktop.  There was just barely room enough to swing the door open and enter.  (Yes, I did actually have a door. I also added some clear plastic to cover the window hole later.)  I always wanted to get away from the straight key and ended up putting together a sideswiper made from a hacksaw blade and wooden blocks.   This aparation was screwed down on the "desktop."  And I learned to send with it.  It was replaced after about a year with a tube keyer that was given to me.

I recently worked a fellow on 40 meters who was using a sideswiper.  (I recognized its unique sound immediately and he confirmed that it was indeed a SS.)  That was early last week.  I was so intrigued by that old nostalgic sound that I built another one and began practising.  Now, after working a few "Victims" on the air, I think it will be fun to continue the quest. 

Here's a picture of what I cobbled together. (Click the picture to enlarge.)

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