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Monday, January 3, 2011

Holidays in Wauconda

We had a nice Christmas Season in Wauconda. The kids came home in shifts and Stoli the Ham Dog got to spend quality time with his Mama, our daughter Lora, who took these photos.  This is a view of our front yard looking toward the northwest.

Lora and Stoli climbed one of the hills behind the house to take this next shot looking to the southwest.  Our house is just down behind the edge of the hill seen in the lower right hand corner.  Maybe I should put an antenna up here?

Here's a photo of my best buddy, my Grand Dog "Stoli" playing out in the snow.

Here is Stoli and our daughter Lora.  He looks like he's think'n... "C'mon, Ma!  Don't hug me in front of the guys."

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